It's time to stop being the best-kept secret, share your message with a bigger audience and establish your expertise, credibility and brand authority.


      A recent article in Entrepreneur magazine says, "TV is a powerful tool -- being featured on air as an expert is a good way to gain instant credibility with a large audience."


      I want to share the 5 BIGGEST MISTAKES MOST EXPERTS MAKE WHEN PITCHING so you can avoid it and start to get a 'YES' when you approach your local TV station.


      Just few years ago, I knew I was doing great work and changing lives with my business and my social impact organizations in my community. I knew I was great at what I did.....but nobody really knew outside of my existing clients. I couldn't get the attention of certain partners and organizations I wanted to work with because I was probably just one of 'many other experts'. Then it hit me!!

      I needed to amplify my voice on a bigger scale and increase my visibility and credibility. Securing a number of TV appearances did just that.

    • I can honestly say being on TV a number of times was one of the turning points in my business and most of my clients. It can do the same for you and your business.

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