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    An accelerated program for experts and entrepreneurs like yourself who want to MASTER how to pitch and secure corporate clients, corporate sponsorships and licensing opportunities using your current expertise, experience and assets.

  • If you answer YES to one of these questions, this may be for you:

    • Are you currently an expert in your industry with proven results for your clients and want to start working with corporate clients?
    • Do you have valuable skills, expertise, and gifts that you're eager to leverage in serving and selling to corporations, organizations, or schools?
    • Do you have a rolodex of online courses, workshops or trainings just waiting to be licensed to organizations or schools?
    • Or perhaps you host events and seeking for corporate partners to help sponsor your
    • Are you ready to finally start getting paid more for your expertise with one corporate client vs chasing after multiple individual clients?
    • Are you sending emails to decision-makers at companies and brand but hearing crickets after (no response)?
  • THE CORPORATE CLIENTS COLLECTIVE is an intensive accelerated program for


    experts, coaches, consultants and professionals who want to MASTER how to leverage their expertise, experience or community and secure high-paying corporate clients, sponsorships and brand partnerships.

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    I can honestly say being on TV a number of times was one of the turning points in my personal brand and business and it can do the same for you and your business.

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    Just few years ago, I knew I was doing great work and changing lives with my business, my social impact organization and live events in my community. My clients and event attendees were being transformed.....but I could not crack the code of securing corporate sponsors or getting the attention of certain organizations I wanted to work with no matter what I did, it always resulted in numerous ignored emails, cold voices on the other end of the phone making me feel like an unwanted salesperson.


    I spent thousands of dollars self-funding my projects and events and had to depend solely on individual clients vs my dream of working with corporations and schools who had a bigger budget and could pay my fees easily.

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    Then it hit me!! Pitching and securing corporate clients and corporate partnerships has an art + science to it and can be learned. I needed to learn the strategies, amplify my brand's value and pitch like a PRO. After several years of trial and error, I was able to crack the code, work with several brands and organizations and for the past few years, I have helped a number of my clients do the same. Securing corporate clients and sponsorships has changed the trajectory of my business and revenue and it can do the same for you.

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    Then it hit me!! Pitching and securing sponsorships and partnerships has an art + science to it and can be learned. I needed to learn the strategies, amplify my brand's value and pitch like a PRO. After several years of trial and error, I was able to crack the code, work with several brands and organizations and help my clients do the same. And I'm committed to

  • Let me teach you how to master the art of pitching and securing your 1st or next Corporate Sponsor using my step-by-step FRAMEWORK that I've used for myself and my clients so that you can

    finally stop self-funding all your BIG and SMALL intitiatives, events or projects, increase your credibility by leveraging strategic partnerships and increase your revenue.


    Understand how Sponsorship works

    This module will cover :

    • How to articulate your value proposition and brand story.
    • The pre-work you need to do before pitching.
    • How to gather and create your digital assets.

    Identify the best suited companies and brands to pitch to for sponsorship

    This module will teach you

    how to:

    • Find the decision makers.
    • Create an irresistible pitch.
    • What to say when you pitch.
    • Do's and Dont's when pitching.
    • How to create a pitch that establishes you and your brand as the best option for them.

    Define and Communicate your brand’s Unique Value Proposition and Audience

    This module will cover:

    • How to define and articulate your brand's unique value proposition.

    Create an Irresistible Sponsorship Deck and Pitch like a Pro

    • Email templates
    • Exact scripts to use when pitching
    • Activations that will wow the decision makers and get you a 'YES'








    • How to price your Sponsorship levels
    • How to finetune your offer and activation.
    • Negotiate like a PRO

    Post-Activation and Deliverables


    • You’ve secured the Sponsorship opportunity, now what?

    • Learn the dos and don'ts of successfully activating your Sponsorship agreement.

    • Learn the mistakes to avoid before, during and after

    • How to over deliver and renew your sponsorship after the activation

    • Create a Post-Sponsorship activation deck

    • How to renew your sponsorship and partnership opportunity






    • Create an event activation blueprint.
    • Learn how to create a sponsorable virtual or in-person events
    • Create various non-traditional sponsorship opportunities outside of hosting events.
    • How to create irresistible activations with your partners
    • Identify the roles needed to run a successful event with all parties excited.






    • Sponsorship Deck Templates
    • Phone and Email Scripts
    • Your dream team - how to put together your winning team and roles of each member.
    • **Implementation Lab
  • Let me teach you how to master the art of pitching and securing your 1st or next Corporate Client using my step-by-step FRAMEWORK that I've used for myself and my clients so that you can

    drastically increase your income while working with less clients, make more impact and increase your brand's credibility by leveraging strategic partnerships.


    Expertise and Thought-Leadership Personal Brand

    This module will teach you how to build an expertise and thought-leader brand.



    Expertise and Experience Partnership audit

    This module will focus on doing an audit of your curent skills, expertise and assets and how to position you to attract corporate and brand partnerships with ease.



    Create your proprietary signature framework

    This module will teach you how to create your very own proprietary signature framework using your intellectual property.



    THE 4 C Model:

    Corporate Trainings

    Corporate Consulting

    Corporate Partnerships

    Corporate Sponsorships

    This module focuses on the 4 C Model of working with corporate clients.






    This module will teach you how to price and negotiate your corporate contracts.


    Post-Activation and Deliverables

    You've received your 1st or next corporate client contract, now what? This module will teach you how to leverage this opportunity to create longer and more corporate partnerships.






    Email templates

    Deck templates

    Sales systems




  • Stop being a best-kept secret. You know you have the gift, message and an amazing product or service that can make a HUGE IMPACT and make a whole lot of money BUT the lack of clarity, implementation and not being known by 'the right people' is keeping you stuck.

    If this is you, Let's work together.

    I'll teach you how to go from an idea to being able to clearly articulate your value, build a profitable brand and attract your dream clients and partners.

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    I'm Adeola


    I'll teach you how to embrace what makes you and your brand unique, clearly articulate your brand's value proposition and save you the headache of not attracting your dream clients or profitable opportunities.



    Why can I do this?

    Because I teach from my several years of experience of building brands from ground zero and my track record of helping other impactful brands and entrepreneurs get unstuck and stand out.


    I know what it's like to be very gifted, creative and yet be the best-kept secret.


    I know what it's like to spend endless months and years hoping to one day be discovered by just the right type of clients, partners and opportunities.


    Unfortunately being the best-kept secret HURTS your vision, pocket and the people you're called to serve.


    I'll show you exactly how to build a profitable brand that attracts your dream clients, partners and amazing opportunities with my simple yet very effective framework.

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  • Work with me

    "Passion without a Strategy leads to Frustration" - Adeola

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    VIP Day Strategy Session

    Work with me one-on-one during a 6 hr Intensive VIP Strategy Day:

    Choose between:

    • Business Strategy VIP Day:
    • Brand to Attract VIP Day:
    • Partnership and Sponsorship VIP Day
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    Clarity Phone Session

    This 90 mins session is for you if:
    You currently have a business or business idea and need to clarify the best one to pursue, you have specific questions in your ideation phase or you need help with developing your brand story to attract your dream clients.

  • See what some Clients or Students are saying.

    Attended a 'Brand like a Pro' workshop Adeola facilitated and she was very professional and knowledgeable. She was authentic and gave practical information I was able to implement right away in my business. I can't wait to work with her one-on-one - Marina, Kummuicate, Inc.

    Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Registered Yoga Instructor.

    Adeola led me to purpose. I had just quit my job at

    a law firm and wanted to explore my interest in the culinary arts when I saw her program.


    In five weeks, Adeola’s program and mentorship gave me the confidence, structure and strategy to move from career confusion to business momentum. I started my own juicing and health coaching business doing work that LOVE, and also pays the bills. Even after the program, Adeola continued following up on my work. I no longer find

    executing and monetizing my other ideas as daunting because I now have the support and resources I need to continue growing. I one hundred percent recommend this program to anyone in the same boat that I was. Thank you, Adeola!!



    Attorney, Founder of a global children's book subscription box.

    I have so much to say about Adeola Ariyo Enikanoselu. I'm in the process of launching a business that I am so passionate about; hiring Deola has my business strategist is probably one of the smartest things I have done so far. Her attention to detail, her brilliant strategic mind, her positive energy (this lady oozes and breathes possibility and positivity), and the way she fully invested herself in my dream is nothing short of amazing.

    You have an opportunity, for what she has announced is a limited time, to connect with her one on one to strategize about your business/projects.

    If I were you, I'd take her up on this offer.


    - CEO/Founder, Atlas Kids Book Club.

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  • Girls/Women

    Adeola's youth, girls and women organizations.

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    A non-profit organization in the DC metro area that serves as a mentoring and leadership program for middle and high-school aged girls. Click here to learn more.

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    A professional and lifestyle platform for multicultural women ages 35+ who want to reinvent themselves and thrive in business and life.

    We provide the community, network and resources to reignite forgotten dreams, launch and grow successful businesses and careers and thrive in health and wealth. To learn more, visit here.