Are you finally ready to learn how to pitch and secure corporate sponsorships for your business?

      • Do you struggle with securing corporate sponsorships for your business?
      • Are you sending emails and hear crickets after (no response)?
      • Do you often self-fund your business dreams, events or projects and it's affecting your bottom line?
      • Do you have a vision and dream BIGGER than you and can make a HUGE IMPACT but need to know how to leverage Strategic Partnerships to make it a reality?
      • Do you have a community that can benefit from other brands services and products?
      • Will you like to add Sponsorship revenue to your stream of income this year?

    • GET SPONSORED is a Sponsorship and Partnership Intensive Program for


      Entrepreneurs, Non-profit founders, Event producers and Community leaders who want to MASTER how to pitch, attract and secure corporate sponsors and brand partnerships so they can stop self-funding their dream and increase their income, impact and visibility.

    • Just few years ago, I knew I was doing great work and changing lives with my business, my social impact organization and live events in my community. My clients and event attendees were being transformed.....but I could not crack the code of securing sponsors or getting the attention of certain partners and organizations I wanted to work with no matter what I did, it always resulted in numerous unresponded emails, cold voices on the other end of the phone making me feel like an unwanted salesperson.


      I spent thousands of dollars self-funding my events and new initiatives to grow my business.


    • Then it hit me!! Pitching and securing sponsorships and partnerships has an art + science to it and can be learned. I needed to learn the strategies, amplify my brand's value and pitch like a PRO. After several years of trial and error, I was able to crack the code, work with several brands and organizations and help my clients do the same. And I'm committed to

    • What a few clients are saying

      Coach Coco, Health and Wellness Expert

      GET SPONSORED Client

      Worked with her on adding corporate sponsorships and partnerships as a source of income to her new business initiative.

      Bunmi, Atlas Book Club

      Successfully launched her business after our VIP Day and business/brand has grown tremendously with hundreds of monthly subscribers.



      Alicia, Sapphire Company

      Helped her identify a new stream of income within her current business model and how to position yourself as the expert in her industry.

      Coach Coco, Health and Wellness Expert

      GET SPONSORED Client

    • Let me teach you how to master the art of pitching and securing your 1st or next Corporate Sponsor using my step-by-step FRAMEWORK that I've used for myself and my clients so that you can

      finally stop self-funding all your BIG and SMALL intitiatives, events or projects, increase your credibility by leveraging strategic partnerships and increase your revenue.


      Understand how Sponsorship works

      This module will cover :

      • How to articulate your value proposition and brand story.
      • The pre-work you need to do before pitching.
      • How to gather and create your digital assets.

      Identify the best suited companies and brands to pitch to for sponsorship

      This module will teach you

      how to:

      • Find the decision makers.
      • Create an irresistible pitch.
      • What to say when you pitch.
      • Do's and Dont's when pitching.
      • How to create a pitch that establishes you and your brand as the best option for them.

      Define and Communicate your brand’s Unique Value Proposition and Audience

      This module will cover:

      • How to define and articulate your brand's unique value proposition.

      Create an Irresistible Sponsorship Deck and Pitch like a Pro

      • Email templates
      • Exact scripts to use when pitching
      • Activations that will wow the decision makers and get you a 'YES'








      • How to price your Sponsorship levels
      • How to finetune your offer and activation.
      • Negotiate like a PRO

      Post-Activation and Deliverables


      • You’ve secured the Sponsorship opportunity, now what?

      • Learn the dos and don'ts of successfully activating your Sponsorship agreement.

      • Learn the mistakes to avoid before, during and after

      • How to over deliver and renew your sponsorship after the activation

      • Create a Post-Sponsorship activation deck

      • How to renew your sponsorship and partnership opportunity






      • Create an event activation blueprint.
      • Learn how to create a sponsorable virtual or in-person events
      • Create various non-traditional sponsorship opportunities outside of hosting events.
      • How to create irresistible activations with your partners
      • Identify the roles needed to run a successful event with all parties excited.






      • Sponsorship Deck Templates
      • Phone and Email Scripts
      • Your dream team - how to put together your winning team and roles of each member.
      • **Implementation Lab


    • Connect with me online.